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The Communications Group Limited is a NZ Limited Company. Corporation Number assigned to this company is 990 and NZ Business Number is 9429040974026. The The Communications Group Limited was incorporated on Friday 2nd July 1915, so the company age is one hundred and two years and eight months and eleven days. The company registration status is Removed.

The Communications Group Limited register office address is Cnr Parnell Rise & Augustus Terrace, Parnell, Auckland , New Zealand.

The company changed its name 5 times. On Thursday 2nd June 1994 the name changed to Bates New Zealand Limited. On Wednesday 12th September 1990 the name changed to Backer Spielvogel Bates New Zealand Limited. On Friday 4th April 1986 the name changed to Ted Bates New Zealand Limited. On Tuesday 1st September 1981 the name changed to Ilott Advertising Limited. On Friday 2nd July 1915 the name changed to J. Ilott Limited.

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Key Data

NameThe Communications Group Limited
Company TypeNZ Limited Company
Company Number990
New Zealand Business ID9429040974026
Constitution FieldYes
Incorporation date1915-07-02
Company age one hundred and two years and eight months and eleven days


Registered Office:
Cnr Parnell Rise & Augustus Terrace, Parnell, Auckland , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
36° 51' 4.5" S, 174° 46' 34.9" E

Address for service:
Cnr Parnell Rise & Augustus Terrace, Parnell, Auckland , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
36° 51' 4.5" S, 174° 46' 34.9" E

Other data


NameAppointment Date
Nigel MARSH2008-07-21
Adam FOULSHAM2005-10-01


Liquidator's Final Report2009-09-08
Online Particulars of Directors2009-05-18
Liquidator's 6th Monthly Report2009-05-15
Liquidator's 6th Monthly Report2008-10-20
Consent of Director2008-10-16
Online Particulars of Directors2008-10-16
Online Particulars of Directors2008-10-01
Liquidator's 6th Monthly Report2008-06-23
Appointment of Liquidator2007-11-07
Liquidator's 1st Report2007-11-07
Online Particulars of Directors2007-10-12
Annual Financial Statements2007-09-28
Annual Financial Statements2007-09-28
Online Annual Return2007-03-15
Particulars of Directors2007-01-05
Online Particulars of Directors2006-12-22
Online Annual Return2006-03-01
Online Annual Return2006-01-05
Annual Financial Statements2005-12-09
Online Particulars Of Company Address2005-12-01
Particulars of Directors2005-10-19
Particulars of Directors2005-10-19
Annual Financial Statements2004-12-23
Amended Annual Return2004-11-30
Annual Financial Statements2004-11-26
Online Particulars Of Company Address2004-11-25
Online Annual Return2004-11-25
Online Particulars of Directors2004-10-15
Consent of Director2004-10-15
Online Particulars of Directors2004-10-15
Particulars of Shareholding2003-10-08
Online Particulars of Directors2003-10-08
Online Annual Return2003-10-08
Annual Financial Statements2003-08-29
Particulars of Directors2003-07-25
Adoption/Amendment Of Constitution2003-07-25
Online Particulars of Directors2003-01-23
Annual Financial Statements2002-11-05
Online Annual Return2002-10-25
Online Particulars Of Company Address2002-10-25
Change Of Annual Return Filing Month (Not Available)2002-05-08
Annual Return Director Change (Not Available)2001-10-10
Annual Return Change of Address (Not Available)2001-10-10
Online Annual Return2001-10-10
Annual Financial Statements2001-09-28
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)2001-03-06
Annual Return (Not Available)2000-11-13
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)2000-09-12
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)2000-08-24
Annual Financial Statements2000-06-13
Annual Financial Statements (Not Available)1999-11-24
Annual Return (Not Available)1999-11-04
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-06-09
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-06-09
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1999-03-09
Annual Return (Not Available)1998-11-09
Change of Company Name (Not Available)1998-09-07
Annual Financial Statements (Not Available)1998-08-06
Annual Return (Not Available)1997-10-17
Annual Financial Statements (Not Available)1997-07-02
Re-Registration, from 1955 to 1993 Act (Not Available)1997-06-27
Adoption of Constitution on rereg1997-06-27
Satisfaction (Not Available)1997-06-26
Satisfaction (Not Available)1997-06-26
Annual Return (Not Available)1996-10-01
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1996-08-21
Annual Accounts - Company (Not Available)1996-06-26
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1996-06-17
Annual Return (Not Available)1995-10-04
Satisfaction (Not Available)1995-09-28
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1995-08-21
Charge (Not Available)1995-07-26
Overseas Accounts (Not Available)1995-06-30
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1995-02-08
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1994-11-04
Annual Return (Not Available)1994-10-06
Liquidator's 6th Monthly Report2018-02-20
Liquidator's Final Report2018-02-20
Liquidator's 6th Monthly Report2018-02-20
Adoption of Constitution on rereg2018-02-20
Liquidator's 6th Monthly Report2018-02-20
Consent of Director2018-02-20
Liquidator's 1st Report2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Adoption/Amendment Of Constitution2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Particulars of Directors2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Consent of Director2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Particulars of Directors2018-02-20
Particulars of Directors2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Particulars of Directors2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Annual Financial Statements2018-02-20
Appointment of Liquidator2018-02-20
Amended Annual Return2018-02-20


Number of shares1800000
OwnerNumber of SharesPercent of Shares

Historic Data

Previous Names

Previous NameStart DateEnd Date
BATES NEW ZEALAND LIMITED1994-06-021998-09-07
J. ILOTT LIMITED1915-07-021981-09-01

Previous Addresses

Previous AddressStart DateEnd Date
Top Floor, 1 Cross Street, Newton, Auckland New Zealand , 2004-12-022005-12-08
Top Floor, 1 Cross Street, Newton, Auckland New Zealand , 2004-12-022005-12-08
Top Floor, Cnr Lower Hobson & 104 Quay Streets, Auckland , 1997-06-272004-12-02
10th Floor, 17 Albert St, Auckland , 1994-05-162004-12-02

Previous Directors

NameAppointment DateCeased Date
Matt MCGRATH2006-11-092007-09-29
Hamish MCLENNAN2005-10-012006-11-09
Richard Edward THOMAS2003-11-282005-10-10
David MURRAY2003-06-262005-08-31
Ian SMITH2003-06-262005-08-31
Andrew Dana STONE2001-02-192003-10-31
Angela Daphne GUDGEON2001-02-192003-01-23
Andrew John BIGHAM2000-08-112003-06-26
Leighanne Marie JONES2000-08-112001-02-19
Michael John PRENTICE1996-07-171999-02-23
Jill Margaret BRINSDON1996-07-171999-02-23
Noel Peter BROWNE1996-06-112000-08-11
Rafe Jacob RING1995-08-141999-02-23
Jon Fredrick MUIR1993-12-211994-04-19
Barry John WILLIAMSON1993-08-091999-02-23
Maro Bono Antonio MARKINKOVICH1993-02-101994-07-14
Tyrone Arthur PLANK1993-02-081999-02-23
John David James BRIDGMAN1992-12-041999-02-23
Terence Christopher KING1992-08-281996-05-17
Alexander Andrew HAMILL1915-07-021999-09-30
Michael Aidan FITZPATRICK1915-07-021995-01-15
Richard Grant STEVENS1915-07-021994-08-08
Carl SPIELVOGEL1915-07-021994-04-19

Previous Statuses

StatusEffective FromEffective To
In Liquidation2007-10-152009-10-16

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