Blue Wing Honda Limited

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Blue Wing Honda Limited is a NZ Limited Company. Corporation Number assigned to this company is 69904 and NZ Business Number is 9429040643205. The Blue Wing Honda Limited was incorporated on Thursday 27th January 1966, so the company age is fifty-two years and one month and five days. The company registration status is Registered.

Blue Wing Honda Limited register office address is 8th Flr, 57-59 Symonds St, Auckland 1 , New Zealand.

We have no data about company previous names in last 10 years.

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Key Data

NameBlue Wing Honda Limited
Company TypeNZ Limited Company
Company Number69904
New Zealand Business ID9429040643205
Constitution FieldYes
Incorporation date1966-01-27
Company age fifty-two years and one month and five days


Registered Office:
8th Flr, 57-59 Symonds St, Auckland 1 , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
36° 51' 23.6" S, 174° 45' 54.4" E

Address for service:
8th Floor, 57-59 Symonds Street, Auckland , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
36° 51' 23.6" S, 174° 45' 54.4" E

Other data


NameAppointment Date
Ronald James HILL2012-08-17
Michael Peter SPENCER2010-03-16


Annual Return Filed2015-11-27
Particulars of Director2015-10-29
Particulars of ultimate holding company2015-10-29
File Annual Return2014-11-28
File Annual Return2013-11-29
File Annual Return2012-11-27
Director Consent2012-09-06
Particulars of Director2012-09-06
Particulars of Director2012-08-29
File Annual Return2011-11-17
Particulars of Director2011-04-13
File Annual Return2010-12-17
Consent of Director2010-04-14
Online Particulars of Directors2010-04-14
Online Particulars of Directors2010-04-06
Online Particulars of Directors2009-12-03
Online Annual Return2009-12-03
Online Particulars of Directors2009-12-03
Online Particulars of Directors2009-12-03
Online Annual Return2008-12-03
Online Particulars Of Company Address2008-12-03
Annual Return2007-11-28
Annual Return2006-12-04
Annual Return2005-12-21
Annual Return2004-12-07
Annual Return2003-12-02
Annual Return2002-11-29
Annual Return (Not Available)2001-12-04
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)2001-11-06
Charge (Not Available)2001-09-18
Satisfaction (Not Available)2001-09-17
Satisfaction (Not Available)2001-09-17
Annual Return (Not Available)2000-12-04
Notice Of Issue Of Shares2000-08-28
Directors Certificate2000-08-28
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1999-12-24
Annual Return (Not Available)1999-12-09
Notice Of Issue Of Shares (Not Available)1999-10-12
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1999-10-12
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1999-10-01
Annual Return (Not Available)1998-12-03
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1998-02-23
Annual Return (Not Available)1997-11-28
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1997-11-19
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1997-10-09
Adoption of Constitution on rereg1997-05-26
Re-Registration, from 1955 to 1993 Act (Not Available)1997-05-26
Annual Return (Not Available)1996-12-04
Satisfaction (Not Available)1996-07-23
Satisfaction (Not Available)1996-07-23
Annual Return (Not Available)1995-12-12
Charge (Not Available)1995-11-02
Particulars of Director & Secretary (Not Available)1995-06-01
Charge (Not Available)1995-04-04
Annual Return (Not Available)1994-11-30
Shuttle Annual Return - Altered (Not Available)1994-11-30
Annual Return2018-02-19
Annual Return2018-02-19
Annual Return2018-02-19
Director Consent2018-02-19
Annual Return2018-02-19
Consent of Director2018-02-19
Annual Return2018-02-19
Directors Certificate2018-02-19
Notice Of Issue Of Shares2018-02-19
Adoption of Constitution on rereg2018-02-19
Annual Return2018-02-19


Number of shares5255000
OwnerNumber of SharesPercent of Shares

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