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Drymix N.Z. Limited is a NZ Limited Company. Corporation Number assigned to this company is 12303 and NZ Business Number is 9429040932309. The Drymix N.Z. Limited was incorporated on Thursday 6th November 1969, so the company age is fourty-seven years and five months and twenty-five days. The company registration status is Registered.

Drymix N.Z. Limited register office address is 26 Tarndale Grove, Albany, Auckland, 0632 , New Zealand.

The company changed its name 2 times. On Tuesday 24th August 1999 the name changed to Drymix (Nz) Limited. On Thursday 6th November 1969 the name changed to Blain Building Co Limited.

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Key Data

NameDrymix N.Z. Limited
Company TypeNZ Limited Company
Company Number12303
New Zealand Business ID9429040932309
Constitution FieldYes
Incorporation date1969-11-06
Company age fourty-seven years and five months and twenty-five days


Registered Office:
26 Tarndale Grove, Albany, Auckland, 0632 , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
36° 44' 47.9" S, 174° 42' 6.2" E

Address for service:
233 Craggy Range Road, Rd 12, Havelock North, 4294 , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
39° 42' 1.5" S, 176° 57' 29.1" E

Address for records:
233 Craggy Range Road, Havelock North 4157 ,
GPS Coordinates:
39° 42' 1.5" S, 176° 57' 29.1" E

Address for share register:
233 Craggy Range Road, Havelock North 4157 ,
GPS Coordinates:
39° 42' 1.5" S, 176° 57' 29.1" E

Other data


NameAppointment Date
Simon Anthony TROWER2014-10-01
Hunter Gordon CROSSAN2007-07-25
Leslie Gordon CROSSAN1999-06-22


File Annual Return2015-05-12
Particulars of Shareholding2015-05-12
Particulars of Director2015-02-09
Director Consent2015-02-09
Particulars of Company Address2014-08-19
File Annual Return2014-03-31
File Annual Return2013-03-21
File Annual Return2012-04-11
File Annual Return2011-03-15
Online Particulars of Directors2010-04-01
Online Annual Return2010-04-01
Online Annual Return2009-03-31
Online Annual Return2008-03-27
Consent of Director2007-07-26
Online Particulars of Directors2007-07-26
Particulars of Shareholding2007-07-25
Online Particulars of Directors2007-07-25
Online Particulars Of Company Address2007-07-24
Online Annual Return2007-03-31
Particulars of Shareholding2006-12-19
Particulars of Shareholding2006-04-11
Online Annual Return2006-04-11
Online Annual Return2005-03-31
Online Particulars of Directors2005-03-31
Particulars of Shareholding2005-03-31
Online Particulars Of Company Address2004-07-21
Online Annual Return2004-03-30
Online Annual Return2003-03-31
Online Annual Return2002-03-31
Directors Certificate2001-09-03
Change of Registered Office2001-07-13
Change of Address for Service2001-07-13
Online Annual Return2001-04-30
Satisfaction (Not Available)2000-07-07
Satisfaction (Not Available)2000-07-07
Annual Return (Not Available)2000-06-27
Satisfaction (Not Available)2000-06-13
Satisfaction (Not Available)2000-05-04
Charge (Not Available)2000-05-02
Charge (Not Available)2000-04-06
Change of Address for Service (Not Available)2000-03-09
Change of Registered Office (Not Available)2000-03-09
Change of Company Name (Not Available)1999-10-13
Change of Company Name (Not Available)1999-08-24
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1999-07-16
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-07-08
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-07-08
Charge (Not Available)1999-07-06
Charge (Not Available)1999-07-06
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-07-06
Charge (Not Available)1999-07-02
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-07-02
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-06-25
Annual Return (Not Available)1999-03-31
Change of Address for Service (Not Available)1998-05-21
Annual Return (Not Available)1998-05-07
Charge (Not Available)1997-10-08
Charge (Not Available)1997-10-08
Charge (Not Available)1997-10-08
Satisfaction (Not Available)1997-06-10
Satisfaction (Not Available)1997-06-10
Re-Registration, from 1955 to 1993 Act (Not Available)1997-06-09
Adoption of Constitution on rereg1997-06-09
Annual Return (Not Available)1997-04-02
Annual Return - Prior To April 96 (Not Available)1996-04-09
Annual Return (Not Available)1995-03-09
Shuttle Annual Return - Altered (Not Available)1995-03-09
Lodgement of Correspondence only (Not Available)1994-09-14
Adoption of Constitution on rereg2017-04-23
Change of Address for Service2017-04-23
Consent of Director2017-04-23
Change of Registered Office2017-04-23
Director Consent2017-04-23
Directors Certificate2017-04-23


Number of shares480000
OwnerNumber of SharesPercent of Shares
Leslie Gordan CROSSAN
Patricia Jean CROSSAN
Leslie Charles CROSSAN
Keith Samuel WRIGHT
Simon Anthony TROWER

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