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Southcorp Nz Limited is a NZ Limited Company. Corporation Number assigned to this company is 11498 and NZ Business Number is 9429040939797. The Southcorp Nz Limited was incorporated on Monday 30th June 1958, so the company age is fifty-nine years and five months and twenty-seven days. The company registration status is Removed.

Southcorp Nz Limited register office address is 475 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland , New Zealand.

The company changed its name 1 times. On Monday 30th June 1958 the name changed to Rheem New Zealand Limited.

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Key Data

NameSouthcorp Nz Limited
Company TypeNZ Limited Company
Company Number11498
New Zealand Business ID9429040939797
Constitution FieldYes
Incorporation date1958-06-30
Company age fifty-nine years and five months and twenty-seven days


Registered Office:
475 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
36° 52' 47.5" S, 174° 40' 31.5" E

Address for service:
475 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland , New Zealand
GPS Coordinates:
36° 52' 47.5" S, 174° 40' 31.5" E

Other data


NameAppointment Date
Hugh Campbell THORBURN2000-12-19
Craig Oliver Cameron BODMIN2000-11-09
Donald James PARKER1994-10-11
John Gordon FORSYTHE1991-09-16


Removal Of Company (Transfer O/S)2001-07-13
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)2001-06-27
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)2001-02-27
Annual Financial Statements2000-12-22
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)2000-11-17
Annual Return (Not Available)2000-08-22
Annual Financial Statements (Not Available)2000-01-25
Annual Financial Statements (Not Available)1999-12-22
Annual Return (Not Available)1999-09-03
Particulars of Directors (Not Available)1999-07-14
Amalgamation Proposal (Not Available)1999-07-05
Satisfaction (Not Available)1999-03-31
Annual Financial Statements (Not Available)1998-10-30
Annual Return (Not Available)1998-08-28
Annual Return (Not Available)1997-08-08
Adoption of Constitution on rereg1996-12-24
Re-Registration, from 1955 to 1993 Act (Not Available)1996-12-23
Annual Accounts - Company (Not Available)1996-12-18
Particulars of Director & Secretary (Not Available)1996-10-17
Satisfaction (Not Available)1996-09-30
Satisfaction (Not Available)1996-09-30
Annual Return (Not Available)1996-09-13
Capital, Increase of (Not Available)1996-07-30
Annual Accounts - Company (Not Available)1995-12-19
Lodgement of Correspondence only (Not Available)1995-11-17
Annual Return (Not Available)1995-08-23
Particulars of Director & Secretary (Not Available)1995-06-28
Change of Registered Office (Not Available)1995-03-13
Change of Company Name (Not Available)1994-09-29
Annual Return (Not Available)1994-09-01
Shuttle Annual Return - Altered (Not Available)1994-09-01
Documents registered pre 1 Jan 20002017-12-14
Adoption of Constitution on rereg2017-12-14
Annual Financial Statements2017-12-14
Removal Of Company (Transfer O/S)2017-12-14
Documents registered pre 1 Jan 20002017-12-14


Number of shares7110885
OwnerNumber of SharesPercent of Shares

Historic Data

Previous Names

Previous NameStart DateEnd Date
RHEEM NEW ZEALAND LIMITED1958-06-301994-09-29

Previous Addresses

Previous AddressStart DateEnd Date
275 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland , 1997-06-301997-06-30
475 Rosebank Rd, Avondale Auckland , 1995-03-221995-03-22

Previous Directors

NameAppointment DateCeased Date
Peter Richard SUTTON2000-10-052000-12-19
Graham John KRAEHE1995-05-092001-06-22
Anthony John PENGELLY1995-02-072000-11-09
Richard HANSEN1991-09-161994-10-11
Paul Desmond MORCOM1991-09-161994-10-11
Ian Ross WILSON1991-09-161994-05-17
Barry Joseph WATTS1991-08-302000-06-30
John Leonard MORTON1991-08-301994-05-17

Previous Statuses

StatusEffective FromEffective To

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